xInterface Group

Welcome to the homepage of Augmented Interface Group (xInterface Group) at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST). We are in Human Life Design Area, School of Knowledge Science, Graduate of Advanced Science and Technology. Our group is led by Haoran Xie, conducting a broad range of research on Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, and Human Augmentation. Our mission is to augment human capabilities with user interfaces.

I am actively looking for self-motivated students (only Master course), especially the students with strong CS/Engineering/Design background. If you are interested in our group, please feel free to contact me and consider applying our Admission program. (Please refer laboratory guide EN / JP.)

Augmented Design

This research topic aims to support the media content production by using data-driven methods such as deep generative models in CG related research fields.

Augmented Space

This research topic aims to conduct the user interfaces to support creative activities by seamlessly connecting real and virtual spaces with spatial computing technologies.

Augmented Human

This research topic aims to develop technologies to recover and augment human's physical capabilities using information technology and robotics in augmented age.


We aim to conduct the advanced topics in Augmented(X) Interfaces (videos) for realizing Society 5.0 (concept for future society). Our research vision is to create a future society in which everyone can pursue their dreams by augmenting their own creativity, cognitive abilities, and physical capabilities by highly integrating cyber and physical spaces, including technologies for augmented design, augmented space, augmented human.